The Checkpoint

The Checkpoint is an educational game on the refugee crisis produced by Zavod Martin Krpan and the Walnut Grove Group. Supported by the US Embassy Ljubljana.


Contact us for more information on educational games and The Checkpoint project at

Žiga Novak

+386 31 834 513




Methodology: edu-larp (educational live action role playing)

Game world: Crisis Country, High Seas, Border Area, The Promised Land

Target groups: primarily high school students, youth camps and the general public

Educational goals: awareness, change of perspectives

Authors: Žiga Novak, Tjaša Sterle, Bernard Šutič, Luka Jare, Ben A. Morrow


Groups and characters (up to 30 players)

4 different refugee families – making difficult decisions on how to survive and enter the Promised land.

The government- trying to control the exodus and ensure political stability

Special characters – doctors, journalist, lobbyists  – influencing the government

2NPCs- smuggler and border guard – running the show


Timeline (ideal)

45 min introduction

15 min warm up

60 minute game time

15 min initial debrief

45 min deep debrief

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